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Our Services

Our business specialises in:
Greenscope Creation

The maintenance and creation of your parks and gardens:
This includes terraces and courtyards, allowing you to profit from the area you have. After a few years you will see your plants developing to their maximum potential due to the horticultural skills we obtained studying in the UK. We are qualified to advise you on trees, shrubs, fruit trees or perennials and a wide range of hard landscaping materials.

The restoration of parks and gardens:
Why not let us analyse the potential of your garden and benefit from our experience to help with, for example, improving soil condition and introducing a better adapted planting scheme?

The maintenance and creation of your gardenThe creation and design of your park, garden and terrace:
Our specific goal is to design unique creations whilst responding to our clients' wishes. Our designs are influenced from our studies in the UK which enable us to manipulate a wide range of hard landscaping materials and the use of a wide variety of plants providing interest throughout the seasons.